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对于家庭来说,这项活动能让您全家更好的尽享天伦之乐。 从Epworth出发上船沿途游览一段美丽的怀卡托河风景,跟随萤火虫的光亮,最后到达终点pokewhaenua溪流。

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从i-SITE驱车15分钟即可到达The Boatshed Kayaks划艇俱乐部


12岁以下儿童 - $40


With stunning twilight lake views we head under the Pokewhaenua Bridge and into the glow-worm canyon.Draped with native ferns, the canyon offers a true slice of New Zealand Beauty, and as the light fades away the unique incandescence of the glow-worms start to shine from the surrounding walls. After a quick glass of some of New Zealand’s finest wines (hot drink for the kids) complimented with some tasty cheeses had over the warmth of a campfire, it’s back in the boats, as we drift slowly down stream using only the light from the glow-worms. Viewing glow-worms from a kayak on the surface of the world is a whole different experience from seeing them inside a cave like at Waitomo.

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