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如果觉得水上观光还不过瘾的话就来尝试一下Adrenalin tour的360度水上急转项目吧, 坐在450匹马力V8引擎的喷气快艇上在怀卡托河面上飞驰,感受心跳加速,肾上腺分泌带来的快感,尽情欢笑吧。 Read More.

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14岁以下儿童- $50


35 minutes river ride to the base of the Karapiro dam and back with fast and furious spins and slides. Plus three sets of rapids and two waterfalls. If you are a thrill seeking adrenalin junkie who enjoys adventure activities then this is for you. Just a short stroll away from the town centre of Cambridge you will find the beautiful Riverside Park where CAMJET departure point is. Between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

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