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Privacy Policy

Our visitors, members and clients privacy is very important to us, stated below is what we will and will not do when using our service(s), to ensure security in your personal information.

What we will do

    • Regular checks of client account information and contact details with facilities available for our clients to maintain their personal details and be able to make any changes if necessary.


    • Offer full customer support involving your personal or business information.


    • For webmasters or person(s) working on behalf of a business and are requiring information, a written document of confirmation must first be received from this business or client before any information is passed on.


    • Use visitors, members and client details for company statistics such as sales growth, monthly/yearly income, visitor statistics, daily and monthly, including pages views, site referrers, regions, times etc.


    • Clients who no longer wish to use our service(s) will be removed from our client database within every 12 month period ending 31st December.


  • If information about our visitors, members or clients is requested from us by law this information will then be released as required.

What we will not do

    • Any information received from either our visitors, members or clients will not be passed on to any other business, company or person(s) in any way or form.


    • No information provided to us by either our visitors, members or clients will be used for any type of promotion or advertising campaign.


    • We will not sell or exchange your personal or business details to any other party or organization of any kind.


  • Your information will not be used in any other country or region other then New Zealand, however may be stored or maintained overseas under the New Zealand law.

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